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About plan-bee

Hi my name is James Mc Donagh I’m a fifteen year old green entrepreneur and I’m the founder of plan-bee. 

Two years ago I harvested my first batch of honey and I loved it, From then on I have been very interested in bees and I was saddened to hear their population was dying off which is why I teamed up with DASH and we got to work on how to make the life of a bee better. We are doing this by implementing certain phases which will be mentioned next. 

Phase 1 of plan-bee

Phase 1 is to give out wildflowers to the community. The increase in Irish wildflowers is vital to the bees because it increases the pollen flow and pollen supply’s them with the nutrition and energy to survive. Plan-bee sell merchandise such as t-shirts to make a surplus which will be reinvested in phase 2.

Phase 2 of plan-bee

Phase 2 is to purchase beehives; this would increase the number of bees. We will keep the queen healthy so she can lay more eggs which would then turn into more bees

Phase 3 of plan-bee

Phase 3 is to sell bee products like honey, beeswax, and pollen. We are doing this because most of the honey out there has been exploiting bees. How many people would process honey is by ripping the hives apart (crushing many bees in the process). Also, many people take too much honey from the hive and put stress on the survival of the colony over wintertime so we will be ensuring that we only harvest the excess honey. Lastly, over three quarters of honey sold around the world is not actually honey it is a mixture of honey, corn syrup and sugar, this stops all the healthy vitamins and minerals from helping your body, so we decided to create a more sustainable supply of honey to Ireland. Surplus monies will be reinvested into plan-bee in order to ensure sustainability through biodiversity.